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Improvement Responsible Person

What can I do as the Responsible person?

Once you have read through the Improvement, it’s time to evaluate and implement the Improvement.

  • Edit the Improvement

  • Add comments

    Post updates, ask for help, log notes, and engage others in conversation. Everyone involved in the Improvement will be kept in the loop about any new comments.

  • Add links

    Adding links is a quick way to share relevant websites and external resources and documentation.

  • Add attachments

    Share important documents here so that they don’t get lost in inboxes.

  • Assign Tasks

    Break up the Improvement into smaller sub-parts and assign those to either yourself or others. These smaller units of work help organize the effort. People assigned to work on Tasks will be notified and reminded of them by KaiNexus.

  • Create a Resolution

    Document the outcome and impact of your Improvements once they’ve been completed.

  • Create a chart

    Keep track of key metrics in KaiNexus so that all data is kept in the same place as your improvement work.


Why was I made responsible for an Improvement?

You were made responsible for an Improvement because a leader in your organization feels that you’re the right person to lead the efforts on evaluating and potentially implementing the Improvement.


How do I know that I’ve been assigned an Improvement?

  1. KaiNexus will send you an email.

  2. It will show up in your Notifications tile in KaiNexus.


How do I view Improvements that have been assigned to me?


  1. Click  in the top right corner of the screen to open the notifications window. This window lists every alert, including notifications that you've been made the Responsible.

  2. Create a Card that displays only Improvements for which you are responsible.

  3. Click "Improvements" on the left navigation bar and use the quick filters to compile a list of Improvements for which you are responsible.
    • Click "My Improvements - All".

    • Click "My Improvements."

    • Click "Responsible."



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