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Improvement Collaborators

What is a Collaborator?

A Collaborator is someone who has contributed to the success of an Improvement, even if they weren’t the Author, Responsible person, or Assigner.


What can Collaborators do?


Who can add and remove Collaborators?

  • The Responsible person

  • The Assigner


How do I edit the list of Collaborators?


  1. Click  in the action bar.

  2. Click .



  1. Opening the drop-down menu in the Collaborator(s) field reveals a list including yourself and your most frequent selections.

    Typing text in that field will search through all users (not just those top choices).

  2. In the resulting drop-down menu, select the correct user.

  3. To add another user, begin typing the next name into that same field.

  4. To remove a user, click  next to their name.

  5. Click "Save."


How are Collaborators notified?

Users find out that they’ve been made Collaborators by:

  • A notification in their digest email.

  • A notification in the KaiNexus app.

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