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Assign an Improvement

Why am I being prompted to assign Improvements?

KaiNexus asks you to assign Improvements to people if:

  1. You have the appropriate permissions and are above the person who submitted an Improvement in your organization’s hierarchy.

  2. You’re the leader or facilitator of a Project to which someone has submitted an Improvement.


How do I know if I need to assign an Improvement?

  1. The Improvement will be listed in the Notifications Screen, with a message that you need to assign it.

  2. The Improvement will be in the New status (with a blue label alongside it), and there will be an alert (a ) with a message telling you that it is new and giving you the option to assign it.


How do I assign an Improvement to someone?

After opening the Improvement you want to assign, there are several ways you can go about opening the Assign window.



  1. Click  next to the title. From the resulting drop-down menu, select .

  2. Click  in the action bar.

  3. Click  on the New Improvement flag.

  4. Click  in the Team section.



Any of these methods will open the Assign window. Here, you can select the:

  • Responsible person

    • If you’re a leader in KaiNexus, you can assign Improvements to various users (typically those below you in the network) depending on your role.

    • If the Improvement was submitted as part of a Project, you may assign it to any of the Project’s participant(s).

    • You may assign Improvements to yourself.

  • Due date
    • The date by which the Resolution should be submitted.

  • You have the option of leaving a comment for the responsible person if you want to give them more detailed instructions.

  • While you will be the default Assigned By, you can select a new user to fill this role.

  • Checking  will require that any Resolution submitted by the responsible person will need to be approved by the Assigner before the Improvement’s status is changed to complete.

    If you do not see this checkbox, your organization has decided whether the Assigner's approval is required for you.

  • Add Collaborators to provide the Responsible person with assistance and/or Followers if you know of certain people who will want to stay informed about the Improvement’s progress.

Click  to expand the latter portion of this page.


  • Optional Attribute(s) may be displayed at the top of this section. Choose the proper option(s) one at a time from the appropriate drop-down menus.

    • In this example, the optional attributes are called Category, Strategic Initiative, Priority, and Complexity.

  • Add any appropriate attachments by clicking  and selecting the correct files from your computer.

  • Add any appropriate links by clicking . The name of the link is required; you can enter the web address as well, although it is optional.


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