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Different administrator types

  • Global Board Administrator - Permission to create and edit public Boards.

  • Restricted Board Administrator - Permission to edit Boards for which the user is an Owner.

  • Local User Administrator - Permission to manage the organization's users in their Location and below. People with this permission can only assign users to their own Location(s) or one nested beneath them.

  • Global User Administrator - Permission to manage the organization’s users (in any Location), Titles, Positions, Employee Types, and Certifications.

  • Global Badge Administrator - Permission to grant and revoke manually grantable Badges. People given this permission must also be a Local or Global User Administrator to be able to access users' profiles and grant or remove their Badges.

  • Quality Administrators - Permission to manage the organization’s Network, Level Types, Roles, and Improvement/Project Attributes.

  • System Administrators - Permission to view and manage everything in the System section of the Admin page.

  • Chart Administrator - Permission to edit all Charts in the organization.

  • Project Administrator - Permission to edit all Projects that the user can access.


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