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To get to this page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking  on the left sidebar menu, look under the System heading, and click "General." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only System Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 


1) Organization Name


This is the name that is displayed in the top left corner of the KaiNexus page.

To change this name, enter the new name in the "
Name" field.

2) Legal Notice


A legal notice can be set to appear on the bottom of each Improvement that is submitted in the system. Some of our customer’s legal teams like to include this legal notice.

To change your organization’s legal notice, enter your new notice in the "
Legal Notice" field.


3) Submit Screen Legal Notice


A separate legal notice can be set to appear on the Improvement and Project "Create" screen. This is a great place to include reminders about what information should not be stored in KaiNexus.

To change the submit screen legal notice, enter your new notice in the "Submit Screen Legal Notice" field.


4) Address


The web address listed here is where members of your organization can go to log into KaiNexus. This field is filled automatically and cannot be changed.


5) Logo


This logo will be displayed on your organization’s personal login page.


  • To delete the logo completely, click .

  • To add a new logo, click 


Save or Discard Your Changes

After you enter new information, remember to click  to confirm your changes. You will need to log out and back into the system to see these changes applied to the system.

If at any point before saving you decide to discard your changes, click . The settings will revert to their prior state.


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