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December 8, 2015 Release Notes

  • A bug was fixed in which migrated Improvement completed Notification Preferences did not select any Impact Types or NCRs.
  • If the due date on an active Improvement or Task has passed, the status picker will change to red and read "Overdue." The vertical bar will change to red as well.
  • The green bar in Reports will show only Active (not Overdue) Improvements, and the red bar will show only Overdue Improvements.
  • A Planned, Deferred, or Resolution Submitted Improvement is technically overdue, it will not show up in the Overdue bar.
  • When transitioning an Active Improvement to Planned, unassigning the Improvement will no longer cause the resulting status to be New instead of Planned.
  • Locations are now editable for Completed Improvements.
  • Off the Planned module, users may now select a Responsible without an activate date or due date. If a start date is selected, a due date must be assigned as well.
  • An Improvement's due date will no longer pre-populate with today's date.
  • The formatting of a PDF of a Improvement, Task, or Project's Timeline was improved.
  • For emails generated by a users action, the user's name will be put in the sender field.


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