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Create an Improvement

If you want to create a new Improvement, click 2017-08-17_1557.png at the top of the screen.

All of your organization’s Task, Improvement, and Project types will be listed in the resulting drop-down menu, with Tasks signified by 2017-08-18_1602.png, Improvements by 2017-08-18_1602_001.png, and Projects by 2017-08-18_1602_002.png. Choose the type of Improvement you would like to create and click it.




In the resulting window:

NOTE: Your Improvement template might not include all of these fields and options. That's alright! It just means that this template has been simplified by your organization.

  • Depending on the type of Improvement, different information will be required; there may be optional fields and attributes as well. You will be required to enter a short summary of the Improvement - this field is often called the “Title,” “Summary,” or “Theme.”

    Once you’ve entered the title, a blue badge will appear next to the magnifying glass if there are any Projects or Improvements with a similar title. It will look something like this: 2017-08-17_1605.png. The number displayed on that badge correlates to the number of similar items.

    Hover over that icon to see a list of the titles of those similar items or click that icon to open a more detailed list.

  • If you want this Improvement to be nested under a Project, enter that Project's name in the "Parent" field. If you want this Improvement to be stand-alone - not nested under any other item - leave this field blank.

  • Users with the "Toggle Private" permission for Improvements in this Location have the option to make an Improvement private by checking the box next to “Make Private." When an Improvement is private, only people on its team or who have the "View Private" permission for Improvements in this Location will be able to access it.

  • Click "Team" to see the team and Location fields.

    • If you're entering this Improvement on behalf of someone else, enter their name in the "Author(s)" field. An Improvement can have multiple authors.

    • (**Optional**) If you have the "Assign" permission for Improvements in this Location, you can enter the name of the person to whom you want to assign the Improvement in the "Responsible" field.

      That person will be notified that you have assigned them an Improvement.

      If you assign the Improvement to someone, you’ll be prompted to:

      • Enter a due date.

      • (**Optional**) Enter a comment.

      • If you want someone else to be recorded as the Assigner of this Improvement, enter their name in the “Assigned By” field.
    • Add anyone else who will be working on the Improvement to some capacity in the "Collaborator(s)" field

    • Add any other people you think need to stay informed about the Improvement in the "Followers" field.

    • Choose which Locations from which this Improvement came in the "Originating Location(s)" field. By default, this field will populate with the Locations of the Improvement's Author(s).

    • If you have chosen a Responsible Person, choose the Locations in which this Improvement will take place in the "Responsible Location(s)" field. By default, this field will populate with the Locations of the Improvement's Responsible Person.

  • Add any attachments to the Improvement. You can:

    • Drag and drop the file you want to add onto the "Create" window, or

    • Click 2017-08-18_1547.png and pick the file you want to attach in the resulting window.

  • Add any links to the Improvement by clicking 2017-08-18_1549.png. In the resulting window, enter what you want the link to be called in the "Name" field and the address to the link in the "Address" field.

  • Click 2017-08-18_1605.png.

Once the Improvement has been submitted, a message containing a list of everyone who has been notified of the submission will be displayed. These are the people who will be responsible for taking the next step of assigning the Improvement.

The list of who was notified is determined by everyone in the organization's notification preferences. The only people who will be notified are those who have their notification preferences set to alert them when new Improvements are submitted in your Location.


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