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Congrats! You’ve been upgraded to KaiNexus 2.0!

Check out these videos and FAQ to see what's new and how to access your account:



  1. Why doesn’t app.kainexus.com work?
    Your organization now has its own unique login page - it’s probably something like organizationname.kainexus.com. Be on the lookout for emails from do-not-reply@prod.kainexus.com. This will include a link to your new url, and instructions on how to reset your password and on signing in to KaiNexus for the first time. Contact your administrator if you need help figuring it out.

  2. What’s my username?
    Your username has not changed.

  3. Is my password still the same?
    No. You will need to reset your password. (Only follow these steps if you did not receive the email mentioned in #1. Otherwise you might invalidate your activation email.)

  4. How do I submit an OI?
    Log in to KaiNexus.
    Click  at the top of the screen.

  5. Where can I find my flagged OIs?
    Log in to KaiNexus.
    Click  in the top right corner next to your name. This will open your Notifications window.

  6. Why don’t I have any flags?
    Flags will be reset during your transition to 2.0. You’ll start seeing new flags as work continues on your OIs.

  7. Why does my dashboard look different?
    You can create several different boards and set one to be your default dashboard. You can configure each board to display any information that you’ll want to see as soon as you log in – this might include your Improvements, your Tasks, or the Improvements of your subordinates.

  8. What do these icons mean?
     - This is an Improvement (it’s like an OI).

     - This is a Project.

    - This is a Task.

    - This is like the Flagged OIs Tile - check here for your notifications.

  9. What are the different Statuses?
    : Improvements can be saved in Draft status when you’re not yet ready to submit them, similar to a draft email.

    : As soon as an Improvement is submitted, it goes into New status. This Improvement has not yet been assigned by a leader. (Previously light grey “Unassigned.”)

    : These are Improvements that you intend to implement later. A due date and Responsible person may not have been assigned. (This is a completely new status.)

    : Once the Improvement has been assigned by a leader, it goes into Active status.

    : The Resolution has been submitted for this Improvement, but it has not yet been reviewed and approved by the leader. (This is a completely new status.)

    : A Resolution has been submitted and approved, and no more work needs to be done on that Improvement, except, perhaps, reviewing it at a future date to make sure everything is still going well. (Previously blue.)

    : The Improvement has been evaluated, but no decision has been made as to whether or not to implement it. The Improvement will be reopened at a later date for reevaluation. These are Improvements that you'll decide whether or not to implement at a later date (Previously white).


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