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November 19, 2015 Release Notes

  • Improved the formatting of the New Account Activation email in Outlook 2013.
  • Fixed bug where pdf export of Improvements failed.
  • Corrected small typo in error message.
  • Removed bolded formatting from list pdfs.
  • Fixed bug where deleting an Improvement or Project off module resulted in a blank screen.
  • Fixed bug where app got stuck when changing a username of the logged in user.
  • Added ability to remove Flags from the notification screen.
  • Fixed bug where Improvements would "double refresh" upon opening, causing blue dots to disappear.
  • Fixed bug where Flags on Improvement cards in the detailed list didn't update.
  • Improved the formatting of the legal notice on the Create screen.
  • Users will no longer receive two notices when possessing two roles on an Improvement and its Parent Project.
  • Fixed bug where users without an administrative role couldn't update their profiles.
  • Added "Followers" to project role(s) filter.
  • Fixed bug where pressing "tab" when adding a location within a network highlighted and rendered the level type box unresponsive.
  • Fixed bug where hovering over the Flag icon on the list view didn't show information.
  • Improved formatting of snap-shot Reports section.
  • Updated wording on the Activation and Reset Password emails.
  • Added ability to add attachments by dragging and dropping a file anywhere on the Improvement or Project submission window.


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