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User status - Setup

What are the different user statuses?
There are four user statuses:



What is a Setup user?

Setup users:


  • Receive no emails about activities in KaiNexus.


  • Cannot log into the system.


  • Cannot be associated with Improvements, Projects, or Tasks.


  • Can be added to the system in the proper location(s) and given all applicable attributes (such as titles, certifications, etc.).


  • Can be assigned the correct Roles and notification settings.



Why would I want to create Setup users?

Our customers who don’t intend to add Improvement work to KaiNexus before taking the system live often decide to initially set up their Network with most users in the Setup status, and then activate users as their departments roll out KaiNexus. That way the system can be fully set up ahead of time, but users won’t receive emails before they’re ready.


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