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Edit a Time Savings Person

To get to this page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking  on the left sidebar menu, look under the Organization heading, and click "Time Savings People." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


How do I edit a Time Savings Person?

  • Hover over the Time Savings Person you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.



  • Click  to the right of the Time Savings Person.

In the resulting window:


  • Edit the name of the Time Savings Person.

  • (**Optional**) Edit the description. This description will appear when you hover over this Time Savings Person when resolving an Improvement.

  • (**Optional**) We strongly recommend that you enter the estimated hourly rate for this Time Savings Person in the “Rate” field so that, when an Improvement is marked as having saved this kind of person time, the system can calculate how much that time is worth monetarily.

  • If your organization has multiple currencies in place with the Advanced ROI Add-On, choose which currency this type of person uses.

  • If you want this Time Savings Person to be the default type, check the box next to “Default.” If you do so, when someone records that their Improvement had a time savings impact, this type of person will be filled in by default, although the user can change it to another type of person if necessary.

  • To help us accurately calculate the soft savings of any recorded time savings, enter how many hours a day, days per week, and weeks per year the average person of this type works in the “Hours/Day,” “Days/Week,” and “Weeks/Year” fields, respectively.

  • Click 2018-04-11_1420.png.


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