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Create a Level Type

 To get to this page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking  on the left sidebar menu, look under the Organization heading, and click "Level Types." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 


How do I create a new Level Type?

To create a new Level Type, click 2018-04-11_1617.png in the top right corner.


In the resulting window:

  • Enter the name of this Level Type in the "Name" field.

    NOTE: Your organization cannot have multiple Level Types with the same name.

  • Pick an icon to represent this Level Type.

    You’re welcome to reuse an icon for multiple Level Types, but we recommend assigning different colors for each instance of that icon to make scanning a list of Level Types easier.

  • Select a color to represent this Level Type.

When you're satisfied with this Level Type, click 2018-04-11_1420.png to create it.


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