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October 12, 2015 Release Notes

  • Fixed bug when users click away from the dashboard too quickly.
  • Fixed bug where not all flags show up on a user's Flag List.
  • Users now receive only one flag when assigned an Improvement.
  • Fixed bug on user activity display when activity is at 0%.
  • Inactive users are now called "Offline Users." These users cannot log in and do not receive emails from KaiNexus.
  • User profiles now display the last login and last updated dates.
  • Nested Improvements and Projects can now be brought up in a list.
  • Users can now edit lists directly from the My Lists menu.
  • Drop-down menus have been improved on the administrator's Users page.
  • On the charts page, when users enter the last data number on a row and hit the tab key a blank row appears below, as in Excel.


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