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JSON Chart Export API

KaiNexus 2.5.2 adds support for the exporting of chart data with your Chart Items in JSON format. 


Prior to 2.5.2, Chart Items were available for export from KaiNexus, but would only include details about the Chart Item itself, such as Title, Description, Team, system Date Fields, etc. Now you have the option to include the data captured within the Chart itself in your JSON exports. 


To download an individual Chart Item with its respective Chart data in the JSON format, use this URL:




This is similar to the JSON Item Export API URL for an individual Item, and with the addition of the “&includeCharts” this will now give you the option to include the data within the Chart on your JSON export.


See The API module for more information on how to configure API Keys or obtain the ID number of the list you would like to export.


Things to note:

  1. All dates use ISO 8601 format. Example: "2019-04-29T16:30:40.000+0000"

  2. Only Charts the User has permission to view will be included in the export


See the JSON Chart Update API support page for more info on how to configure the API to update your Chart data via JSON.


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