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How to Copy a Task

If you need to create a Task similar to an existing one, you can quickly make a copy of that Task.


Who can copy a Task?

To copy a Task you must:

  • Be able to access the Task.

  • Have permission to create that kind of Task.

NOTE: If the Task is part of a Project, you must also be that Project's Facilitator, Sponsor, or Leader.


What happens when I copy a Task?

  • The copy will be created in the “Draft” status.

  • You will be made its Author.

  • If the original Task was nested under a parent Project, Improvement, or Incident, the copy will be nested under that same parent.

The following information will be copied:

  • Any fields and Attributes.

  • Attachments

  • Links

  • The "private" status

Additionally, you can choose to convert the newly copied Item into an Item of a different Template Type. This will follow all of the rules of copying mentioned above and create the copied Item which will then give you the option to convert it to a new Template Type. 


How do I Copy a Task?

Open the Task you wish to copy, then:

  • Click EllipsesButton.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click Copy.png.


In the resulting window:


  • Enter the name of the copy in the “Name” field.

  • Check the box next to “I understand this cannot be undone.”

  • Click Copy__blue_.png to create a new copy of your Item.

  • Click Copy_and_Convert.png to create a new copy of your Item and then convert your newly copied Task into a different Template Type.

NOTE: See Convert a Task for additional information on the converting process.


PRO-TIP: You also have the option to configure your Templates to allow you to create a new copy of the Item you are currently working on as you are completing it.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for additional information.


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