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How to make Pareto Charts in KaiNexus


You’ve been able to manually create a Pareto chart in KaiNexus for a while, but with our latest update, you can now create a more automated version.

To do so:

  • Create a new chart or edit an existing one.

  • Add a new series or edit an existing one.

    • Give the series a name and, if you’d like, a description.

    • Select “Pareto” under the “Type” heading.

    • Pick a color to represent this series.

    • Click 2017-06-28_1653.png.

      NOTE: As soon as you create a Pareto series, the chart will be automatically set to use categories rather than dates. This cannot be changed.

      You will also be unable to add any more series.

  • Add however many rows you need, either by clicking 2017-06-28_1656.png  or 2017-06-28_1656_001.png, as you normally would.

  • Enter your category names and data.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1658.png.


Your Pareto chart will be created:

  • The data you entered will be represented as a bar graph aligned with the left axis.

  • These bars will be arranged in descending order, regardless of the order in which you entered your data.

  • A line graph will be automatically generated, aligned with the right axis, that displays the cumulative percent of each data point. This line will be labeled “Accumulative % of [the name of your bar graph].”

  • The data points of that line will be added as a new series that you can see when editing the chart, but you cannot manually edit their values.

  • NOTE: If you update your Pareto series, the “Accumulative %” series will not appear to update until you click 2017-06-28_1658.png.

You can edit the appearance of the “Accumulative %” line. To do so:

  • Edit the chart.

  • Click the name of the Accumulative %” series and its “Edit Series” window will open.

    • Edit the name and description of this series.

    • You cannot make the series a different type - it must be a line graph. However, you can check the box next to “Dashed Line” to make the line appear dashed. Uncheck this box to return it to a solid line.

    • Choose whether to display or hide the data point markers on the line by clicking the circle next to “Show” or “Hide.”

    • Pick which color you want to have represent this series.

    • Click 2017-06-28_1653.png.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1658.png on the main “Edit Chart” window.


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