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Calculated Data Series

You can create an automatically calculated data series on any Bar/Line Chart. The calculated series can be a:

  • Sum

  • Difference

  • Average

  • Percent

  • Percent Change - The percent change represents the degree of change over time as a percentage.


How do I add a calculated data series?

  • Open the “Edit” window for the Chart you want to work with.

  • Either add a series by clicking 2018-03-26_1643.png or edit an existing series by clicking its name.

  • Configure the series as necessary:

    • Give it a name and, optionally, a description.

    • Choose whether the series should be shown as a bar or a line.

      Customize the appearance of the series:

      • Pick the color that should be used for this series.

      • For a line series, check "Dashed Line" if you want the series to be represented by a dashed line rather than a solid one."

      • For a line series, check "Show Markers" if you want to display the data point markers on the line.

    • Choose whether it should be affiliated with left or right y-axis.

  • In the “Operator” drop-down field, choose which operator the calculated series should use. Depending on which you pick, various new fields will appear.

    If you chose:

    • Sum: Enter each series you want added together in the “Series” field.

    • Difference: Enter the series you want to subtract from in the “Series to subtract from” field and the series you want to subtract from the “Series to subtract” field.

    • Average: Enter each series you want to be included in the average in the “Series” field.

    • Percent: Enter the series you want as the numerator in the “Numerator Series” field and the series you want as the denominator in the “Denominator Series” field.

    • Percent Change: Enter the baseline series in the “Baseline or Original (% change from)” field and the current series in the “Actual or Current” field.

  • Click 2018-02-22_1616.png.

The series’ column will be automatically filled in with the appropriate data. Click 2018-02-22_1616.png to keep your changes.


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