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May 1, 2017 Release Notes

New Features




Complete Release Notes


  • People added to the team of a draft Improvement can now access it before it is submitted.

  • You can decide whether to include or exclude private items when exporting a list of Improvements, Projects, or Incidents (if you have the Incident Add-On enabled) to a PDF file.

  • The responsible location of an Improvement will now only be displayed in its “Details” section once the Improvement has been assigned.

  • You can now return an active, planned, or overdue Project to the new status.

  • You can now see who was notified when an Improvement, Project, or Incident was submitted or transferred. Now hovering over the “[User] submitted this” timeline entry created after this release date will display the list of people who were notified.

  • When filtering by the “Project(s)” field, you can now choose whether you wanted the selected Projects to show up as well as those nested beneath them.


  • We’ve added markdown formatting to comments, so you can now fully customize your comments’ appearance.

  • We’ve added Location information to the User Activity Board Excel export.

  • You can now add Collaborators to new Improvements.

  • The shade of green signifying an active Task now matches that of active Improvements.



  • The 1 week date filter on the Project Curve Report now shows the correct date range.

  • That’s it. We’re awesome.


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