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Chart Locations

What are the Locations of a Chart?

Sometimes it is useful to identify where data from a Chart came from. To accomplish this in KaiNexus, you can assign a Location to a Chart. You can then filter a list of Charts by Location to see which apply to a given Location.

A Chart’s Location is automatically set to the Authors’ Locations when it is created. There is no systematic updating after that point, so if you want the Chart’s Location updated, you must do so manually.


Who can change the Chart's Location(s)?

  • Any of the Authors

  • Anyone with the "Chart Administrator" permission


How do I change the Chart’s Location(s)?

Open the Chart you want to update, then:

  • Click 2017-10-06_1631.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click 2017-12-28_1604.png in the resulting drop-down window.


In the resulting window:

  • Enter the names of all relevant Locations in the "Location(s)" field.

  • Click 2017-11-02_1658.png.


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