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Add a note field to a Value Attribute

To manage a Value Attribute Type, navigate to the Admin page by clicking "Admin" on the left sidebar menu, look under the “Improvement/Project Attributes” heading, and click the Value Attribute Type you want to manage. The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


How do I enable notes for a Value Attribute?

  • Navigate to the Admin section

  • Find the Value Attribute Type for which you want to add a note option under the “Improvement/Project Attributes” heading and click its name.

  • Hover over the Attribute to which you want to add a note and click 2017-02-21_1006.png.


In the resulting window, check the box next to “Include Note.” If you want this to be a required field, check the box next to “Require Note.” This field will not appear until you’ve checked “Include Note.”


Working with Value Attribute notes

When you add a Value Attribute with an affiliated note field to a Project or Improvement, the note field will appear under the Attribute field. It will be labeled “Note for [Attribute Type].” If you add multiple Attributes with notes to that field, only one note field will be displayed.


In the details section of the Project or Improvement with which you’re working, the Attribute note will appear in a truncated format. Hover over that text to reveal the rest of the note.


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