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Resolve an Incident

STOP: Is the Incident module active for your organization?


Who can resolve an Incident?

  • The Responsible Person

  • The Assigner

  • Any Collaborators

  • Anyone with the “Assign” and/or “Edit” permissions for Incidents in that Location.


How do I resolve an Incident?

Open the Incident you want to resolve, then:

  • Click the status indicator.

  • Click 2017-10-08_1554.png in the resulting drop-down menu.


On the resulting screen:

  • Fill in any required fields.

  • Choose the applicable impact(s).

  • You may be asked whether you want to review this Incident at a later date. Choose yes (and choose a review date) or no.

  • Click “Details” to display all of the Incident’s fields and Attributes. You can edit any of that information.

  • If you want to save your progress and finish the Resolution later, click 2017-02-22_1505.png.

  • If the Assigner is required to review the Resolution, click 2017-02-22_1500.png. The Incident will then move into the “Resolution Submitted” status.

    If you are the Assigner or the Assigner’s approval isn’t required, click 2017-02-22_1501.png. The Incident will then move into the “Complete” status.


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