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Update an Incident's Resolution

STOP: Is the Incident module active for your organization?


NOTE: If you want to update the Incident's Target or Forecast Resolution (if either is enabled for this template), you will need to first reopen the Incident.

The Actual Resolution can be updated without reopening the Incident.


Who can update the Resolution?

  • The Assigner

  • Anyone with the "Assign" permission for Incidents in this Location

  • If the Incident is nested under a Project, the Project's Facilitators, Leaders, and/or Sponsors. If the Incident is nested under a Chart, the Chart's Authors.


How do I update the Resolution?

Open the Incident you want to update, then click 2017-10-03_1414.png in the top right corner of the "Resolution" section.



In the resulting window, you'll be able to update every element of the Resolution. When you're satisfied with your changes:

  • Enter your changes without the approval of the Assigner, by clicking 2018-04-12_1210.png.

  • Submit your updates to the Assigner for their approval by clicking 2018-04-18_1627.png.


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