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User status - Frontline

If you have users who would be best served by a simpler version of KaiNexus, you might consider making them Frontline Users.

“Frontline” is a new user status - like the Active, Setup, and Offline statuses you’re used to.


What are the features of a Frontline User?

  • Their left navigation bar is removed, but they can still use the search bar to look for any items they have permission to access.

  • When they do access such items, they are able to interact with them as any Active user with their same permissions could. They can also be added to the team of any item in any role.

  • They can create any items for which they have the correct Roles.

  • They cannot create or own Boards, and cannot edit or clone Cards.

  • They cannot save custom lists.

  • They can only be granted certain Roles - your Customer Experience Lead will work with you to get this set up the way you want.

  • They can only access certain Boards - your Customer Experience Lead will work with you on this as well.


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