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Search a Card

If you’re perusing a List Card and want to search the current list without editing the Card’s filters, you can use the Card’s own search bar. A search bar is included on every Item List Card you can access. You do not need to be able to edit the Card to utilize the search bar.

When you search for a keyword on a Card, all the items that meet both the pre-existing filter requirements and contain your search term will be returned. The filters and search parameters will both be included in the expanded view of the Card.

If you have searched for a keyword on a Card and then left the Board or refreshed your browser page, that search will no longer be in place and you will have to search again. The pre-existing filters, however, will have been left untouched.


Using a Card’s search bar

To use a Card’s search bar, open the Board containing it, locate the specific Card, and then:

  • Click 2017-11-19_1517.png near the top right corner of the Card.


  • Enter the keyword(s) by which you want to search.

  • Hit the enter or return key.

The list will be narrowed down to only those items meeting both the filter requirements and your search requirements.

If you want to clear the search and return the Card to its original state, click 2017-11-19_1522.png on the right side of the search bar.


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