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The Incident Module

This module allows you to do all your Incident tracking and reporting in KaiNexus. 

The Incident module makes a few important changes to your system once enabled:

  • An “Incidents” tab will be added to Projects and Charts. Similar to the Improvements tab, clicking there will open a list of all Incidents which are nested.

  • An “Incidents” permission section will be added to the Role configuration screen.

  • A new user status will be made available: Incident Only.

  • An "Incidents" option will be added on all Reports.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more information on enabling this module.


What is an Incident Only user?

Incident Only users can log into the system like a Full Access user, but they can only submit Incidents and see Incidents that they submitted or for which they are Followers:

  • When they log in, they’re immediately taken to their list of Items rather than a Board.

  • They have no left navigation bar. That means that they cannot access the Board, Calendar, or Reports sections. They can only work with their Items.

  • They can only be a part of the Incident’s team as the Author or as a Follower.

  • They can only edit comments, files, and links on an Incident.


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