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Link to external URLs or internal items

When adding a link to a Project, Improvement, Task, or Chart, you can now choose to add an external link (as before) or an internal link to another item in Kainexus.

NOTE: If you add a link to Improvement A on Improvement B, that link will be indicated on both Improvement A and B. Likewise, if you delete the link on Improvement A, it will be removed from Improvement B as well.

The process for opening the “New Link” is still the same as before, both when adding a link while creating a new item or when adding a link to an existing item.

Once you’ve opened the “New Link” window:

  • To add an external link, make sure the “Web Link” tab is selected. Then:

    • Enter the title of your link in the “Name” field.

    • Enter the URL in the “Address” field.

  • To add an internal link to some item in KaiNexus, select the “Item” tab.

    • Search for the item to which you want to add a link in the “Item” field. You can search by title or ID number.

  • Click 2017-10-20_1804.png.


The link will be added to your item.

If you click on an internal link, that item will be opened in KaiNexus. If you click on an external link, that URL will be opened in a new window or tab of your default browser.


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