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February 6, 2017 Release Notes

New Features

  • The Notification screen has been redesigned. You can now check the boxes next to “Yours” to see items with which you’re involved, “Opt-In” to see items which fit your notification preferences, and “Updates” to see all items which have new comments or blue-dot updates (new information that you’ve not yet seen.”

  • You can now set the logic to be used within and between filter fields. That is to say, you can now choose whether to filter by “And” or “Or.” “And” requires all selected filters to be present, while “Or” requires one or more selected filters to be present. Also, you can now add “None” and “Any” on filters for Attributes.

  • You can now prevent badges from getting awarded retroactively by adding “start on” and “deactivate on” dates. The date of the action must be after the “Starting on” date for the badge to be granted. Badge processing will not occur after the “Deactivate on” date - that is, no new Badges will be granted. Reach out to your Customer Experience lead to take advantage of this improvement!

  • Premium Security Module: Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0), IP Permitting, Limiting Information in Emails and Audit Logs are just a few of the features in the Premium Security Add-On. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to learn how to turn this on.   


Complete Release Notes


  • Attributes and Milestones can now be included on the PDF export of a List View.

  • You can now choose to be notified when a Task is deleted from your Notification Preferences screen.

  • You can now search for partial words and terms and have items returned.

  • Overdue items are now listed in the Kanban View.

  • The “Sign On” button in the digest now reads “View Updates” and will automatically open the notifications window so that you can see all your Notifications and Updates at once.

  • Extra padding in Attribute columns on the Tree View was removed to improve the layout of this View.

  • Padding was added to the Detail View to improve the layout of this View and keep data from overlapping.


  • A bug was fixed which prevented you from sorting a list of Improvements by a certain Attribute.

  • A bug was fixed which broke the List View on Windows computers when working with imported data.

  • Report dashboard cards with relative dates will now update correctly.

  • A bug was fixed which caused fields with the “markdown” editor to be sized incorrectly.

  • Text in certain columns on the List View will no longer be cut off.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Badges meant to be awarded for work on a particular Improvement type to be awarded for work done on other types.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “markdown” editor to add additional spacing around list items.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented certain users from being able to nest Improvements under a Project.

  • A bug was fixed which caused rows to duplicate when editing charts with at least one bar series.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “pencil” icon to appear in the Links box even when no Links were listed.

  • A bug was fixed which caused multiple timeline entries to be created when only one field was edited.

  • Tabbing through fields will no longer generate a timeline entry saying that those fields were edited.

  • A bug was fixed which cut off field borders in Chrome version 56.

  • A bug was fixed which caused some data on certain charts to disappear from the chart view.


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