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User Interface Updates

With KaiNexus 2.2.0, we wanted to improve on the whole KaiNexus experience. We thought long and hard about every pixel and color with the intent of making KaiNexus easier to navigate and read. Overall, it is simply a more pleasing experience while you do your Improvement work!

We’ve made a ton of small changes throughout the app - tweaking certain colors, changing fonts and capitalization patterns, adding shadows around various boxes and windows, etc. Really, there are too many of these minor changes to list.

So instead, here are the big changes that you will definitely notice!

  • One of the things you’ll probably notice first is that a lot of buttons you’re used to - like the standard gear icon or action bars -  have disappeared. Don’t worry! They’re not gone, just tidied up.

    In their place, you’ll see a new ellipsis button - 2017-10-03_1444.png - in the top right corner of each appropriate page. Clicking this button will open a drop-down menu of all the options you’re used to. By the way, these dropdowns have also been designed to make them easier to use.

    You’ll see this button on your Boards and Cards, templates, lists, and charts.

    In addition, you now add Cards to your Boards or nest items by clicking 2017-10-03_1524.png in the top right corner of the page and then choosing the appropriate option from the resulting drop-down menu.

    Finally, you can view the impact of a Project by clicking 2017-10-03_1525.png  in the top right corner of the page. 


  • If you want to change the status of one of your templates, click its status indicator and every possible change that you have permission to make will be listed in the resulting drop-down menu. Click the appropriate option and go through the process as usual.


  • We’ve made every tooltip in the system easier to read by darkening the background and lightening the text.

  • We’ve improved the overall appearance of every page.

  • We’ve update the “New Comment” interface. When you begin typing your comment, a new 2017-10-03_1539.png button will appear that you can use to submit your comment.


  • We’ve totally revamped the “Create” button. Now, clicking it will display a vertical drop-down menu listing all the Projects, Improvements, Incidents (if your organization has the Incident Add-On enabled), Tasks, and charts that you have permission to create.

    We’ve also made it possible to customize the order of that list. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.

    Additionally, we’ve made it possible to group templates in different folders. This is especially handy if your organization has a lot of templates that can take time to search through. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.



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