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"Markdown" fields

You can add a ton of formatting to the text fields on Projects, Improvements, and Incidents, as well as on any of your comments.

You can add this formatting to any comments immediately, but you'll need to reach out to your Customer Experience lead to turn on "Markdown" formatting for Project, Improvement, and Incidents' fields.

This document is intended as a quick reference for how to format your text.



You can format 6 different sizes of headers. Header 1 below is the largest and Header 6 the smallest.

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
#### Header 4
##### Header 5
###### Header 6




You can format 3 kinds of emphasis - italics, bold text, and text with a strike through.

*Italicized text*

**Bolded text**

~~Strikethrough text~~




You can format bulleted lists and ordered lists.


* parent item 1
  * child item 1
    * child child item
  * child item 2
* parent item 2
  * child item 1

NOTE: To indent an item on a bulleted list, place 2 spaces before its asterisk for each level by which you want to indent it.


1. parent item 1
    1. child item 1
        1. child child item 1
        2. child child item 2
    2. child item 2
2. parent item 2
    1. child item 1

NOTE: To indent an item on a numbered list, place 4 spaces before its number for each level by which you want to indent it. Be sure to use the correct number for each item.




You can add links in two ways - with the link in-line or with a hyperlink on some text.

<https://a url>

[Text to be displayed](https:// a url)



You can also add a table with as many rows and columns as you need.


| First Header | Second Header |
| ------------- | ------------- |
| 1 | 2 |
| 3 | 4 |


The outer pipes (|) aren’t necessary and you don’t need to make the columns line up prettily.




You can also include blockquotes.

> Quoted text



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