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Check for similar items when creating a new Project or Improvement

When you have an idea, it’s important that you check to see if anyone else has already submitted or implemented that idea - you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel, after all.


How do I quickly check for similar ideas when creating a Project or Improvement?

While creating a new Project or Improvement in the web application - not on the mobile app or via email:

  • Enter the title of your Project or Improvement, then click outside of that field.


  • If there are any similar items, a blue badge will appear next to the magnifying glass alongside the title’s field like this: . The number displayed on that badge correlates to the number of similar items.

  • Hover over that icon to see a list of the titles of those similar items or click that icon to open a more detailed list of items.

    This list includes the colored status bar, the Project and Improvement icons, the items’ titles and ID numbers, and the item’s similarity score - a higher score means that the item is more similar to the title you entered than the others on this list. You can click on any of those items to access the Project or Improvement itself.


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