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Project Kanban View

A Kanban board is a visualization tool that helps people understand the flow of their improvement work. With the latest version of KaiNexus, we’ve added a Kanban View so that you can quickly check in on your Projects’ progress.


How do I access the Kanban View?

  • To see the Kanban View, click "Projects" in the left navigation bar.

  • Click next to the Project search bar.

  • Click .


Navigating the Kanban View

The list of Projects is divided by status. Basic information about each item is listed here, including the title, status, key dates, and key people.

Project pages - By clicking any of the listed Projects, you open its own page. This page lists all the Project’s information.

The quick filter - The quick filter is the blue bar in the top left corner that, by default, reads “My Projects - All.” Click this bar to open a drop-down menu of various common filters.

Hovering over any of those options will open a secondary drop-down menu, which you can use to further filter by:

  • Whether the Project has been flagged or scheduled for review.

  • Your relationship to the Project.

Filters - Click to further filter the list of Projects.

Switch to the Detail View by clicking .

Switch to the List View by clicking .

Switch to the Tree View by clicking .

Impact - Click to view the total impact of the current list of Projects.


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