Release Notes

February 2, 2016 Release Notes

Complete Release Notes

Customer Feedback

  • Location Reports (Activity and Impact) now include a Network view.

  • All Reports now have a Network view along the left side.

  • The permission to edit projects was added to Roles.

  • The report filters set on the Snapshot page will now carry over onto any other Reports that user opens.

  • A 1 month option was added to the quick dates on the Report section.

  • The “Browser not supported” message was made more robust to enhance clarity.

  • The Users Admin page now has a Network view along the left side.

  • Account Activation and Password Reset workflows now check for supported browsers.

  • A more robust confirmation message will now be displayed to an administrator after they add a new user so that administrators know what notifications were sent out.



  • The User Engagement by Role Report was redesigned to enhance clarity.

  • Users now have the ability to filter by All Improvements, Project-Based Improvements, or Stand-Alone Improvements on the Submission vs. Completion Report and the Impact Summary Report.

  • Users can now click through reports to view relevant lists of Improvements.

  • Flags’ settings were improved.

  • Users can now copy the default Notification preferences into their custom Notification preferences if, for example, they only need to make small changes.

  • Drilling down from the Impact Summary no longer results in two windows being opened.



  • A bug was fixed in which Roles were no longer showing up on the user profile metrics page.

  • A bug was resolved in which users randomly could not view the list of users in a location from the Network Admin page.

  • A bug was fixed in which drilling down from the Impact Summary of Projects and from the user profile did not display the correct improvements.