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Delete a Time Savings Person or Folder

Permanently remove a Time Savings Person or Folder from KaiNexus.

Two Line OfieCAUTION: When you delete a Title or Title Folder, it is permanently removed from KaiNexus and cannot be recovered.

Suppose one of your employees comes up with an idea that saves them 5 hours a month. That’s great, but wouldn’t it be even better to know how much money that time was worth? These soft savings can be calculated based on a list of your employees—your Time Savings People—and the estimated hourly rate of each position.

With this information, when someone resolves an Item with a Time Savings Impact, you know not only how much time was saved, but how much money was saved as well.

Time Savings People can be grouped under Folders for organizational purposes. These groupings will be represented in the Person drop-down when adding a Time Savings Impact to an Item's Resolution.

What happens when a Time Savings Person or Folder is deleted?

  • Deleted Time Savings People that have already been added to an Item's Resolution will remain in place and continue to contribute to the organization's metrics until that Resolution is next updated, at which point they will need to be replaced.
  • Deleted Time Savings People and Folders will no longer appear when working with Items' Resolutions or filtering Item Lists or Reports.

Who can delete a Time Savings Person or Folder?

Anyone with the "Quality Administrator" permission can delete a Time Savings Person or Folder.

People with other Administrator permissions may be able to access the Time Savings People Administration page, but will not be able to make changes to it.

Delete a Time Savings Person or Folder

Two Line OfieFolders containing nested Time Savings People can not be deleted. You will need to move any Time Savings Pople out of the folder before proceeding.

To delete a Time Savings Person or Folder, navigate to the Time Savings People administration page, then:

  • Hover over the Time Savings Person or Folder you want to delete so that it's highlighted blue, then click the x icon that appears to its right.

The Time Savings People admin page with an arrow pointing to a Time Savings Persons x button

  • In the resulting confirmation window, click Delete.