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Delete a System Role

Permanently remove a System Role from KaiNexus.

Two Line OfieCAUTION: When you delete a Role, it is permanently removed from KaiNexus and can not be recovered.

System Roles work in conjunction with User Types and Network Locations to determine an individual's access within the system. Most KaiNexus users will have at least one System Role, though a user can be assigned as many System Roles as appropriate.

System Roles can determine a user's:

  • Default notification settings
  • Default Board, access to Boards, subscriptions to Boards
  • Ability to create, view, edit, assign, or participate in certain Items
  • Ability to approve Milestones
  • Administrative permissions and responsibilities within KaiNexus

What happens when a Role is deleted?

  • Deleted Roles will no longer appear on any user profiles.
  • Any notification preferences associated with it will be removed.
  • Deleted Roles will no longer appear when editing or creating users, or when filtering a list of users.

Who can delete a System Role?

Anyone with the "Role Administrator" permission can delete a System Role.

People with other Administrator permissions may be able to access the Roles Administration page, but will not be able to make changes to it.

Delete a System Role

To delete a System Role, navigate to the Roles administration page, then:

  • Hover over the Role you want to delete so that it's highlighted blue, then click the x icon that appears to its right.

The Roles admin page with an arrow pointing to a Roles x button

  • In the resulting confirmation window, click Delete.