Release Notes

December 7, 2015 Release Notes

New Features

  • When adding users to an item's team, the preliminary drop-down will display the current user along with their top 10 frequently selected users.


Complete Release Notes


  • Users can now add the method of notification to their notification preferences.

  • If you choose to send an immediate email about some change in your Improvement or Project to someone otherwise not affiliated with it, that person will be added as a Follower.
  • Adding a new comment will result in a flag for the entire team involved with an item.

  • The status bar was improved so that statuses with few Improvements will not be rounded to zero.

  • Users can now click "Clear All" to remove all of their opt-in flags from the Notification screen.

  • Resolutions may now be updated without being reopened.

  • A "Level Category" filter was added to Improvement and Project filters.

  • The layout of the Improvement List View was redesigned.

  • The titles of Projects were added to the Impact Summary Report.

  • Participants may now add links, files, and Improvements to their Projects.

  • An "Originating Location" filter has been added to the "Submit Improvement" screen if the current user is in multiple Locations.

  • The "Date" quick filters on the Reports page have been improved.

  • When affiliating a user with a Project or Improvement, beginning to type will remove the "myself" option from the drop-down menu.



  • A bug was fixed which caused the search bar to touch the blue picker for users that did not have permission to create any items

  • The PDF of a Project will no longer show child Projects that the user is unauthorized to see.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented notifications from persisting on lists.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the title of the Project displayed on an Improvement to be the Improvement's parent's parent.

  • The "My Project" list will now display only Projects with which the current user is affiliated.