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Conditional Fields and Attributes

Trigger Fields and/or Attributes to appear when specific Attribute Values are selected.

We have found that there are instances where not every Field or Attribute is necessarily required to appear within a Template at all times. In some cases, a single Template can be used for several different purposes and thus contains Fields that are not always necessary for the Item’s completion. Conditional Fields ensure that when working with your Items, you are only seeing the necessary information for that specific workflow. 

Fields and Attributes can be configured to be hidden from a Template unless a specific "condition" is met or, more specifically, a certain Attribute Value is selected.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to take advantage of this feature.

How does it work?

During the creation of an Item or while the Item is being edited, as soon as all required Attribute Values have been selected, the Conditional Fields and Attributes will appear. The Attributes which triggered the appearance of the Conditional Fields and Attributes are called Controlling Attributes.

Two Line OfieCAUTION: If the Controlling Attribute is updated later such that the Conditional Fields and Attributes' requirements are no longer met, those Fields and Attributes may be removed from the Item and their contents lost.

Conditional Attributes may be configured to appear with a default value automatically populated. This default value can be configured to be editable or may be locked so that the Attribute will be grayed out and uneditable. The Conditional Attribute can even be configured so that different default values and locked statuses will be used depending on which conditions are met.