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Change your profile picture

Update your profile picture to highlight your personality and indicate to others that you're active within the system.

Change Profile Picture

By default, all KaiNexus Users have a gray silhouette as their profile picture. Upload a profile picture to indicate to others that you're active within the system and let your personality shine through.

P.S. You can update your profile picture whenever you want!

Change your profile picture

To change your profile picture, log in to KaiNexus, then:

  • Click your profile picture in the navigation bar.

The navigation bar with the profile picture marked in red

  • Click User Profile in the resulting drop-down menu and your user profile will open.
  • Next, either:
    • Click Actions in the top right corner of your user profile, then click Change Profile Picture in the resulting drop-down, or
    • Click your profile picture directly.
  • In the resulting Profile Picture window:
    • To upload a new profile picture:
      • Click Browse and use the resulting window to select and upload the image you want to use.
      • Click Save and this new image will replace your existing profile picture.

    Two Line OfieThe image must be less than 250 KB and must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. Square images tend to look the best.

      • To delete your existing profile picture and return to the gray silhouette default:
        • Click Delete.
        • In the resulting confirmation window, click Delete again.