Board Timeline

A Board Timeline shows a detailed history of changes made to that specific Board. With this feature, you can see exactly what change was made, who it was made by, and when it happened.

Who can visit a Board Timeline?

Any User that has permission to view the Board.

How to use the Board Timeline?

To see a Board’s Timeline,

  • Navigate to the ellipses icon and select Timeline from the dropdown menu.

In the resulting window,

  • Scroll through the Timeline to see an audit trail of the changes made to that Board, including: 
    • Date and Time stamps for when each change took place
    • The User who made the change
    • The action the User took to make a change 
  • Hover over underlined text to see specific details of the change. 

In the image above, the Timeline shows that a User named KaiNexus updated the Board name from Welcome! to New Hire Onboarding on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 2:50 p.m.

  • Select the magnifying glass to search for specific actions within the Board Timeline.

What information is captured within the Board Timeline?

There will be a date and time stamp for each User and action they took related to the Board. The following actions can be found within the Board Timeline:

  • Board Creation
  • Editing the Board’s:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Sections
    • Section Layout
    • Rank
    • Show Location Filter
      • Default Location(s)
    • Show Board Filter
    • Nest Under
    • Make Public
    • Board User
    • Restrict Viewing to
    • Editor(s)
    • Subscriber(s)
    • Board Location(s)
    • Owner
  • Manage Boards Bulk Change
    • Change parent
    • Change Restrict Viewing to
    • Change Editor(s)
    • Change Subscriber(s)
    • Change Location(s)
    • Change Owner
    • Delete