Release Notes

August 9, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Add a Report to a Board . You can add the Submission vs Completion, Engagement Summary, Impact Summary, and/or User Engagement by Role Reports.

  • Create a Local User Admin permission: People with this permission can only manage users in their location and below.


Complete Release Notes


  • We improved the layout of the Reports area and added cool new thumbnail images.

  • You now how the ability to control which Roles a user with a certain Role are able to grant, allowing you to limit the power of individuals with the User Admin permission.

  • Each Attribute on an Improvement Type can now be assigned a default value.

  • If you are asked whether you want to close the remaining Tasks when closing an Improvement or Project, hover over that message to see a list of all those Tasks.

  •  When deleting an Improvement, users now have to signify that they understand that this action cannot be undone.

  • You can now display a Task List Card in the list view.

  • Quick select or deselect all the data series on a chart by checking or unchecking “Select All” under the chart’s legend.
  • A description can now be added to each Improvement Type. When users hover over that Type’s name on the “Create” button, the description will appear.

  • A “Now” option has been added to all the relative date filters.

  • Notification preferences can now be set so that users will be notified about Improvements completed with the third resolution option.

  • We’ve made several small changes to the People page.


  • On the “Create” screen, tooltips for Responsible, Assigned By, Collaborators, and Followers will show the description of that role.

  • The Excel user export now includes an “Employee Type” column instead of an “Employment Status” column.

  • You can now assign a Task to yourself.

  • Clicking on the “Health” type in the Reports Snapshot now opens the correct list of Improvements.

  • Users with the Delete permission will no longer see an error message when deleting an Improvement.

  • A bug was fixed which caused data inconsistencies on Reports across different time spans.