Release Notes

August 6, 2017 Release Notes

New Features

  • Dependencies: When planning a Project, Improvement, or Task, you can now choose whether to decide when it should start later, on a specific date, or after another item has been closed.

  • The Tree View for Projects now shows, not only nested Projects, but any nested Improvements and/or Tasks as well.

  • We’ve added a new way for you to customize your charts and data - Bowling Charts!


Complete Release Notes


  • You can now close windows by pressing the esc key.

  • You can now add Tasks, Charts, Improvements, and/or Projects to a parent Project or Improvement (when relevant) from the action bar.

  • You now have the ability to make any one option the default value for Time Savings People, Products, or Resources. When someone enters one of these outcomes while resolving an Improvement, that value will automatically be filled in. (Though the user can change it if that's not the outcome they desire.)

    Additionally, if you have no Time Savings People, Products, or Resources, and enter such an outcome on the Resolution, the value will default to “Unknown” and hide the entry option. If you have exactly one option, it will default to that one.

  • An “Authored” line has been added to the Project Curve Report.

  • You can now choose whether you want to export individual Projects, Improvements, and Tasks to PDFs in portrait or landscape format.

  • Hovering over a person's name in the quick search results will reveal a "View Activity" button alongside it. Click that button to see all of that person's activity within the system.

  • We’ve improved the color picker when working with a Chart’s series to give you more control. You can manually pick the color you want or, if you know it, enter the appropriate Hex Value, RGB values, or HSVA values.

  • You now have the ability to edit the name of the new copy as part of the copying process.

  • We’ve added a new Bottleneck filter: “Assigned.” This filter will return items that are in the “active” status that were assigned more than x days ago.

  • We’ve added a “Why did I get this email?” link to the bottom of all emails which explains the various reasons you might have received an email.

  • We’ve added a “Use exact dates entered” checkbox to the “Edit Row Type” window (where you decide whether your chart should use dates or categories. If this option is not selected, the chart will auto-calculate the best dates to display to create an even interval between the dates you’ve entered.

  • We’ve updated the text on a few filters. The “Project” filter is now called “Parent Project.” The “Project Type” filter is now called “Parent Type.” We’ve also removed the “(s)” from all filters so that, for example, the “Type(s)” filter is now simply called “Type.” Lastly, we changed the “Role” filter to be “Team” to make it clearer that that filter refers to a person’s position on the team, not the permissions they have.

  • When converting a Project, Improvement, or Task that has the date/time fields, you can now map over those fields as well, assuming that the new template type has those fields available.

  • When transferring an Improvement, you will now see a checkbox called “Make new and clear Responsible.” If you do not check this box, the Improvement will retain its status and Responsible Person after its Location changes. If you do check this box, the transfer will change the Location, make the status “new,” and clear the Responsible Person.

  • The “Authored On” date in Charts is now called “Created On.”

  • The Users admin page and the People page are now, by default, sorted by last name.

  • When planning an Improvement for which you’ve entered a Responsible Person, you’re now given the opportunity to decide whether the Assigner must approve the Resolution.

  • Entering a reason for planning a Project, Task, or Improvement is now optional.

  • The left navigation bar’s appearance was updated, making it easier to tell which option is selected.

  • When you open the “Set Password” screen, your cursor will now automatically start in the text field.

  • The first 500 characters of a comment will now be included on any notifications you receive about it.

  • When you have a full screen of Boards listed under the Board picker, scroll buttons appear so that you can scroll through the list. We’ve darkened these arrows so that they’re easier to see.

  • Padding has been added to the “Status” columns on Cards so that they don’t get so close to the edge of the Card.

  • If a parent Project or Improvement has no nested items, the “Complete %” status bar will disappear.

  • If you attempt to delete a Role, you will be shown a confirmation screen specifying that it will be removed from all users and any notification preferences associated with it will also be removed.

  • We improved the loading speed of particular Cards and Boards. In some cases, there is a 30x performance boost.

  • If the left navigation bar is expanded, you will no longer see a hover-over message when scrolling over each option.

  • “Projects” is now ordered above “Improvements” on the left navigation bar.

  • Hovering over the Target Line of the Project/Improvement Curve Reports now displays the target value.

  • The performance of the notification window was improved.

  • The User Improvement Activity and User Project Activity Reports now include both Offline and Active users.

  • URLs in the description of charts will now be clickable. NOTE: The link must include “https://” at the start.

  • You will now receive an alert when someone acknowledges your comment.

  • If you change the review date on an Improvement, the “Time to Remove” flag will be removed.

  • The Task status bar on the Reports page now rolls up Tasks in the network tree like the Improvement and Project status bars do. It will now show data for both Tasks in the currently selected Location and in all Locations beneath it.



  • A bug was fixed which prevented words in brackets not showing up on Improvement titles.

  • A bug was fixed which caused text areas to be listed as available to export, when in fact you can only export text, number, date, and time fields.

  • A link to the comments section was added to the “There is a new comment” alert for Charts.

  • A bug was fixed which caused comment and timeline date ranges to not be applied when exporting a Project or Improvement.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented people from being able to see the blue component of the “Complete %” bar on a Card after opening the Project or Improvement it referred to.

  • The icons for Attributes on a Chart are now displayed in the “Details” section of that Chart.

  • A bug was fixed which caused any changes made to column width on a List/Tree View Card to be lost.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Projects in one Location to sometimes be returned after searching for Projects in a different Location.

  • A bug was fixed which caused line breaks in the middle of words when using Firefox.

  • A bug was fixed which caused unselected columns to be displayed on List/Tree View Cards.

  • A bug was fixed which caused nested Tasks to not be included in the export of their parent Project or Improvement.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented quotation marks and the text within them from being displayed in an Attribute’s note.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented the Tree View from remembering your preferences for selected columns.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Tasks for which you weren’t on the team from being returned by the quick search.

  • A bug was fixed which caused a list of Projects in Tree View to expand after a hard refresh, even if that Card was set always have the list collapsed.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Tasks to auto-activate a day after their scheduled start date.