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Administration Timeline

Review an audit trail of actions performed within the Administration area.

The Administration area gives KaiNexus administrators the ability to manage a lot of different components that are used throughout the system, and when changes are made to some of these components it may not always be apparent as to who exactly made them.

The Admin Timeline keeps an audit log of actions performed within the Admin section so that you can see exactly what change was made, who did it, and when it happened.

Who can access the Admin Timeline?

Anyone with the "System Administrator" permission can access the Admin Timeline.

Navigating the Admin Timeline

To use the Admin Timeline, navigate to the Timeline administration page. By default, the Timeline will be blank.

  • Admin Type: Expand the drop-down to choose the specific area of the Administration section for which you would like to view Timeline entries. Once you've made a selection, any actions that occurred in that area between the dates in the Starting and Ending fields, if set, will appear.
  • Starting: By default, this field will be populated with the current date. Enter the date from which the Timeline's entries should begin. Updates preceding the date entered here will not be shown on the Timeline.
  • Ending: Enter the date on which the Timeline's entries should end. Updates following the date entered here will not be shown on the Timeline.
  • You can also use the Search Timeline field to the left of the Admin Type drop-down to search for a particular Timeline entry.
  • Click the refresh icon in the top right corner to refresh and update the Timeline with the latest set of entries if necessary.
  • If there are a lot of Timeline entries, the Timeline may only display the first 100. Use the page navigator in the bottom left corner to navigate between pages of entries as needed.