Add subscribers to a Board

Who can add subscribers to a Board?

  • Any of the Board's Editors who have the "Restricted Board Administrator"

  • Anyone with the "Global Board Administrator" permission

If you're looking to subscribe yourself to a Board and don't meet either of these requirements, check out this support page.


What happens if I add someone as a subscriber?

This Board will be included in that person's subscription emails, reminding them to check in on it.


Will people I add be subscribed permanently?

They will never be automatically unsubscribed, but other people editing the Board can unsubscribe them and they can unsubscribe themselves at any time.


Who can I add as a subscriber?

Any Full Access users! 

You can also add entire Roles or Locations to the subscriber list if you want every Full Access user who has that Role or is in that Location to be subscribed at once.


How do I add people as subscribers?

Either start creating a new Board or editing an existing Board, then:

  • In the "Create Board" or "Edit Board" window (whichever is applicable), make sure that "Make Public?" is checked. If it's not, check it now.

  • In the "Subscriber(s)" field, add any users who you want to subscribe to the Board.

  • Click .