Add Editors to public Boards

Who can add an Editor to a Board?

  • Any of the Board's Editors who have the "Restricted Board Administrator"

  • Anyone with the "Global Board Administrator" permission


What can a Board's Editors do?

Editors can add new Cards to a Board and edit its existing Cards. They cannot edit the Board's settings unless they also have the "Restrict Board Administrator" or "Global Board Administrator" permission.

NOTE: Only public Boards can have Editors added to them.


How do I add additional Editors to my Board?

Either start creating a new Board or editing an existing Board, then:

  • In the "Create Board" or "Edit Board" window (whichever is applicable), make sure that "Make Public?" is checked. If it's not, check it now.

  • In the "Editor(s)" field, add any users that you would like to make Editors for the Board.

  • Click .