What is a Card?

A Card organizes distinct units of information on a Board.

Two Line OfieNOTE: Boards have a maximum Card limit of 16. Once a Board has 16 cards, Users cannot add or copy additional Cards to that Board. 

Who can add a Card to a Board?

  • The Board's Owner(s)
  • The Board's Editor(s)
  • Any User with a System Role that grants them the Global Board Administrator advanced permission

How do I add a Card to a Board?

Navigate to the Board with which you want to work, then:

  • Click the + Add button in the top-right corner of the Board.
  • In the resulting + Add drop-down menu, select the type of Card you want to add. You can choose between:
    • Item List: A compilation of Items that fit your selected filter criteria.
    • Chart: Add an existing Chart or create a new one.
    • Report: Add the Improvement Curve, Project Curve, User Engagement, Impact, User Participation, or Attribute Reports.
    • Freestyle: Add a Card containing free text to your Board. 
    • X-Matrix: Add an X-Matrix.
      • If you do not see this option, either your organization has not enabled the X-Matrix Module or you do not have a System Role that grants you the X-Matrix Administrator permission.
    • Nested Board List: Display all Boards nested under the current Board. Clicking the name of a Board in the list will open that Board.
    • People List: A compilation of Users that meet your selected criteria.
    • Widgets: Widget Cards bring Boards easy access to critical features such as a Chart Goal, Create Button, Item Count, Financial Impact, and Time Savings (Hours). 
  • Fill out the pertinent information in the Card window. This will vary depending on which type of Card you selected.
  • Click the Add button to add the Card to your Board, or select Cancel to exit out of the Card window. 

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