3.x Release Notes

3.0.6 Release Notes

September 16, 2022


We're totally fall-ing for our 3.0.6 release, and we think you will too! In fact, we think you’ll love it more than our CRO Jeff loves pumpkin spice lattes, though we can never get him to admit it. Here are some of the highlights from 3.0.6:

  • Like your favorite knit sweater, inline editing Lists is perhaps the most-loved feature we’ve ever rolled out. Now it’s time to roll up those sleeves and introduce inline editing within an Item. Click directly on the Field or Attribute you want to change and make your edits—no navigating popup windows to slow you down.
  • Have you ever opened window after window in KaiNexus, only to instinctively hit the back button and get logged out? Do you wish you could simply fall back to the previous screen? Well, we’ve improved the way the back button works and it might just save you a whole hour of daylight! Clicking the back button will close the window you just opened, taking you back to the screen you previously viewed. No more accidental logouts–yay!
  • Picture this: you’re strolling through an orchard on a crisp fall day, picking apples for a team-building exercise. You want to call out to a coworker for help, but oh no, they’re all the way across the field! Just mention a colleague with the @Name functionality within any KaiNexus Field to pull their attention right where you need it.
  • Is your organization using Badges? Check out the top right of your screen (near your User Profile) for a little ribbon icon to see a whole new section of the app devoted to showing your Badge notifications like new Badges, your endangered Streaks, etc. It’s the perfect spot to find out if your pumpkin won Best in Show at this year’s harvest festival.
  • Usually, a line ends with an ellipse… but this time we’re leading with one! When viewing an Item List, hover over an Item’s title to reveal an ellipse icon at the beginning of the row. Use this icon to easily access an Actions Menu for each Item without having to open it.



  • Item ID numbers are now included in the response of an API when an Item is updated or created.


  • All Custom and Universal Badges now include in-app Badge Notifications that will appear in the new Badges Notifications area at the top of the screen near your User Profile icon, indicated by a ribbon icon.
  • It is now possible to filter down the Badges column on a People List to only show Badges awarded within a specified date range (for example, to show all Badges awarded in the past seven days during a weekly huddle).
  • There is now a global setting to enable or disable email notifications for Universal Badges.
  • A User’s Badges are now displayed on their User Profile’s Activity screen, rather than in a popup window, for a smoother experience. 
  • People can now get a warning notification if they’re about to lose a Badge that was awarded based on Actions.


  • We’ve updated the tool that gives you formatting options in our Field editors.
  • When you open windows in KaiNexus and click the back button, those windows will now close rather than logging you out.


  • Update your Items more easily via inline editing in their Work Panels rather than in popup windows. This makes it possible to edit them more quickly.
  • Type @ followed by someone’s name to “mention” them in all Fields (ex. Descriptions, Outcomes, Proposed Solutions, etc.). This will make it easier for you to collaborate with other people and call their attention to where you need them.
  • We’ve added two new Impact Categories to our Advanced ROI Module: Waste and Environmental Impact. This enables you to better track the Impacts that matter to your organization. These Impact Categories can be logged as units rather than financial or time savings (ex. CO2 emissions).
  • When Archiving or Unarchiving an Item, you now can Archive/Unarchive the Items nested within it at the same time instead of having to do each individually.
  • The “Clear Filters” option in the Items section will now only appear when there are filters that can be cleared.
  • We’ve added negative values to Impact filters so that you can easily pull a list of all Items with a negative Impact.
  • Templates can now be configured to default an Item’s Responsible Location(s) to match that of their Parent Item so that it’s a bit quicker to add nested Items.
  • If a required field is missing on an Item Create or Edit screen, the system will now scroll to it and highlight it in red so you can easily see the problem.


  • Navigate through Lists of Items and Notifications using an arrow icon in the Item’s work panel header. This makes it faster for people to do things like clear their notifications and work through Lists of Items with Milestones or Resolutions awaiting approval because they don’t have to keep going back to the List they’re working through.
  • When hovering over an item in a List, an ellipse icon will now appear on the far left. Clicking this icon will open a Quick Edit Menu with all available actions for that Item.
  • Items can now be Bulk Planned, Deferred, and Completed using the Bulk Change tool.
  • You can now manually sort Items by dragging and dropping them into the order you want them to appear in Detail, List, and Kanban views. This must be enabled manually in the Sort section of the List settings and is limited to the first 50 Items on the List.
  • The sum of Impact Units (ex. kWh) can now be displayed on a Widget on a Board, making it easier to visualize these non-monetary Impact Types.
  • The default view of Item List tabs within an Item’s work panel will now be List View unless it has previously been customized. With the introduction of Key People and Key Dates, List view provides a simpler, more customizable view of these Item Lists.
  • Click on the Last Comment column in an Item List to open the Comments section of an Item in a window. This makes it easier to interact with Comments since you don’t have to click into the Item and navigate to the Comments panel.
  • You can now tell what time an Item was last updated, in addition to the date, with the introduction of the new “Last Updated Date & Time” column.
  • There are now drop-down options to edit and remove columns on all Item list column headers, rather than only those that are sortable.
  • The default List View for Capture Users has been changed to Detail view to help these people quickly get all the information they need.
  • Clicking on the text of the Title column in a List will now open the Item itself. Clicking on the text of the Parent column will now open the Parent Item. 


  • The User Types available on Share Board and Share List screens will no longer include Capture, Kiosk, or Wallboard Users.
  • When an advanced user logs in as another person using Impersonation Mode, it will no longer update the Last Login or First Login dates. This way, you can still tell when the “real” user logged in.


  • When a Report displays information in intervals, you can now hover over the column header/x-axis label to see the Date Range being shown.


  • We’ve added "Location Search" to the Location drop-down on the screen for creating a new User.


  • Previously, once “Show All” was selected from the Workflow drop-down, archived Workflows would continue to show even if you collapsed and expanded the drop-down. Once the Workflow filter is collapsed, this setting will be reset, and archived Workflows will again be hidden.


  • Excel exports of Lists that include Key People and/or Key Dates columns will now include the most important Team columns and all Date columns.


  • We fixed the max width of images in HTML fields.
  • When editing HTML in “Code View” and not switching back to normal View, the changes will now be applied to your Field. 
  • "Nested Item Status Bar" will no longer disappear when expanding an item in the tree view 
  • Bowling reports will now show the correct number of items if more than 1 kind of result appears per row.
  • If "Make Private" box is hidden on create screen, Items will now inherit their Parent’s Privacy Status
  • Converted Items will now carry over the Parent Field.
  • We fixed a time out issue when resolving Items in certain scenarios.
  • One-Time and Recurring Impacts on Impact Reports will no longer be flipped for Product and Resource Impact Types.
  • The List editor now opens properly from the Items navigation menu. 
  • The page no longer becomes unresponsive after trying to add a new Data Series and associate it to a bowling series on a specific Chart.
  • The "Responsible" field no longer gets a blank dropdown on inline editing Status.
  • We fixed a problem with editing Template configuration on the backend.
  • A max Vote Count is now required on Template configuration.
  • We fixed a problem with the Item Curve Report showing erroneous data.
  • The Financial Widget label has been fixed.