2.x Release Notes

2.5.4 Release Notes

July 30, 2021

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Release Highlights

The year is 2021, and all eyes are turned to the eagerly awaited Tokyo Olympic Games. The KaiNexus team has jumped hurdles, wrestled bugs, and completed a marathon of enhancements to bring you our gold medal 2.5.4 release. Then, we had everyone on the development team do a back handspring to a splits leap to an aerial walkover just for good measure! Here’s why judges think 2.5.4 is a top contender for best release:

  • We’re pushing the standard by improving the standard… work! 2.5.4 brings you the ability to set Responsible Team Roles and Locations on Standard Work Items, and you can now copy Standard Work Groups. 
  • The Olympics filters for top-tier athletes in specific track-and-fields, and there’s no reason our Standard Work Groups shouldn’t also filter by the most nuanced criteria! Utilize the Advanced Filter when creating Standard Work Groups to set additional rules for Available and Automatically Created Standard Work. Items (including Standard Work Groups that use this Advanced Filter functionality) will also have a clear indication of when the Standard Work becomes available.
  • What’s your go-to channel for Olympic reporting? NBC? Eurosport? Maybe TVNZ? While we don’t cover competitive sports (yet!), we’ve made some changes to reporting in KaiNexus. The Impact filter is now available on all Impact Reports as well as the ability to select Realized Date when filtering Reference Dates.
  • From gymnastics to volleyball to synchronized diving, it’s proven that humans work well when grouped by their strengths. With the new Groups feature, you can group your Network Locations, Roles, and Templates to create a simpler, customized experience for Users based on their Group.



  • Expanding upon the Board Timeline feature that we launched in our 2.5.3 release, you can now track changes to Cards using the Board Timeline.


  • As Microsoft announced the retirement of Internet Explorer 11, KaiNexus will soon no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Make sure your browser is up-to-date! 


  • In List, Tree, and Gantt View, you now have the ability to filter down Impact metric column data. For example, using the new Realized Date filter will only display the Financial Impact realized on the Item within the timeframe selected.
  • There are so many enhancements in this release, but this one might just be the funnest. With the new Nested Item column available in List, Tree, and Gantt View, you’ll see the total number of nested Items in the entire hierarchy tree of that Item. 


  • If you’ve ever exported an Item List and noticed some columns were missing in your XLXS file, this enhancement is just for you. Now, when exporting an Item List in List, Tree, or Gantt Views, and including current columns, ALL of the chosen columns will copy over to the XLXS file. That’s right, you’ll never miss out on “Outcome,” “Votes,” or the coveted “Time Saved Hours Impact – Forecast” column again!
  • We’re expanding our Bulk Import functionality, allowing you to update existing Items. Simply export your Items from KaiNexus, make your updates, then send it over to your Customer Experience Lead! 


  • With the addition of Groups, our People Filter’s Additional field now allows you to filter for Users with the Multi-Group Administrator and Receives Support Requests permissions.


  • We’ve added the Impact filter to the following Reports: Impact by Person, Impact by Location, Impact by Project, and Impact by Attribute. Choosing Impact(s) with that filter will limit the Report to only show the selected Impact(s). Please note that choosing Impact(s) in the Advanced Filter will filter all Items with those Impact(s) but will also display all the Impact of those filtered Items.
  • When filtering a Report by Reference Date, you’ll be happy to see our newest filter criteria—Realized Date! This filter is available for all Impact Reports. 


  • Have you ever gotten the dreaded SSO authentication error message? We understand that authentication setbacks can be SSO frustrating. To make it easier on admins and frontline workers alike, we’ve updated our SSO authentication error message, which will now guide Users to a dedicated support page! 


  • You can now set Responsible Team Roles and Locations on Standard Work Items. 
  • Do you find yourself staring longingly at a List of Standard Work Group Items, wishing they had the full functionality of the Lists section? We may have a personal genie on reserve, or maybe it’s just our developers, but your wish is their command! We now support full Lists functionality on Standard Work Group Items.
  • When creating or editing an Item in a Standard Work Group, you now have the option to make that Item private.
  • The Summer Olympics recur every 4 years, and so can your Standard Work Items! You certainly don’t have to wait that long though, since you can set Standard Work Items to recur as frequently as you’d like.
  • When creating or editing a Standard Work Group, you can restrict that Group to only appear for Users with specified Roles. Only Users with the required Roles will be able to add that Standard Work Group to an Item. 
  • Utilize the Advanced Filter when creating Standard Work Groups to set additional rules for Available and Automatically Created Standard Work.
  • Copying a Standard Work Group will copy the Standard Work Group’s Name, Description, Files, Links, and any included Standard Work Items into a new Standard Work Group
  • In-app notifications just got better—better at indicating when Standard Work is available, that is! Whenever Standard Work becomes available for an Item, you’ll be sure to get a notification. Remember, you might earn a special Badge for clearing those notifications!
  • Michael Phelps holds the title for the most decorated Olympian of all time with a whopping 28 medals earned between 2004 and 2016. World record holder or not, you can add special codes to the Title of a Standard Work Item to pull in the top-level Parent or the immediate Parent’s Title into the Title of the Standard Work Item itself.


  • When copying an Item, the copied Item will also copy the default values for Weighted Scores and Weighted Score Attributes. Think of all the time you’ll save not having to set values for every single field! 


  • We fixed a bug where checking “Also include individual Cards” did not affect the way a Board was exported to PDF.
  • We fixed a bug where Standard Work Group names weren’t updating when the app was refreshed. 
  • When saving an Item List in List View to PDF, some Items were being pulled from the wrong List, resulting in incorrect columns being displayed on the PDF. We’ve got that all sorted out now!
  • When single-field editing, some of the edit windows were opening too small for the Field/Attribute to appear fully preventing Users from editing that field. Like flowers in springtime, single-field edit windows will now bloom to their fullest potential. 
  • If an Edit window appeared too narrow, Field names weren’t wrapping properly and the text got cut off. Like a birthday present tied with a shiny ribbon, Field names will now be properly wrapped.
  • Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from a public Board? Are you really, really sure? Good, that’s the confidence we like to see! Also, we fixed a bug that prevented removing subscribers from a public Board.
  • When hovering over an Item in a List, special characters (you know, the fun ones like $%*!) weren’t displaying correctly. With 2.5.4, hover over any Item and you’ll see every special character in all its $peci@l glory. 
  • We fixed a bug that caused pages to get stuck in a fixed position when navigating between pages of the Admin Timeline. 
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the text on the Archive/Unarchive Employment Status Folder window from displaying correctly. 
  • Our Fishbone panels were practicing catch-and-release, in the sense that dragging the panel height would just release and snap back to the original size without resizing. 
  • When switching between different Chart histories in Data view, the grid data was not updated. We fixed that too, so switching between different Chart histories will seamlessly update the grid data.
  • Previously, removing the number of days for Badge Streaks hid Streaks but kept them enabled. When setting the number of days for Badge Streaks to 0, this will now disable Streaks.
  • We fixed a bug related to in-app notifications prompting Users to take action in order to maintain their Badge Streak.
  • Incidents were previously showing incorrect values on the Activity by Template Reports, but now they’ll appear in the report with the correct values.
  • We fixed a bug that showed the incorrect totals on the User Count by Location Report.
  • Location, location, location! There was a pesky issue on the Locations field when changing the Authors on a Chart, causing the Locations field to populate with blank spaces and Xs. 
  • With Impact Summary Reports, clicking on a bar sometimes displayed, “You don’t have permission to view this list.” regardless of the User’s permissions. As long as you have the required permissions, you will now be able to see the Items in that List.