2.x Release Notes

2.5.2 Release Notes

May 7, 2021


Release Highlights



We’ve found that even simple recognition or a small token of appreciation can inspire people and keep them engaged.  After all, recognition of someone’s accomplishments goes a long way! That’s why we’ve put a lot of focus on enhancing Badges in this release, and here’s a highlight of what we’ve got going on in 2.5.2: 


  • We believe in giving credit where credit is due, and that means recognizing people for their improvement work! In this release, we’ve focused on amplifying our Badges Module, including in-app Badge notifications, Activity-Based Badges, and advanced filtering options for Badges. 
  • This release debuts the new Admin Timeline feature, designed to increase visibility into admin changes to promote transparency and accountability. Users with the System Administrator Role permission can view an audit trail of creation, edits, and deletion within the Admin area. 
  • Pop quiz time! If you can correctly guess the names of all EIGHT Item statuses in KaiNexus, you’ll win the grand prize ability to customize their colors... Just kidding! Anyone with the Branding Module can select custom colors for Item statuses (New, Planned, Active, Overdue, Resolution Submitted, Complete, and Deferred). As a bonus, you can even customize the Archived state and Reports’ color palettes! 
  • To boost data visualization, Users can enable Charts to display numerical values on a Bar or data point of a Line, and even go as far to edit the spacing and width of Bars to better group data. Make your data clearer by adding % and $ values and as granular as you want by specifying the number of decimal places in a Calculated Series!
  • Multi-Chart importers and exporters rejoice! We’ve added the ability to update or export existing Charts in KaiNexus using a JSON file.

💡 Improvements 💡



  • Want to know who did what and when they did it? Now, users with the System Administrator Role permission now have access to an Admin Timeline showing an audit trail of actions performed on objects within the Admin area. 


  • Easily manage Charts with the added ability to update or export existing Chart data in KaiNexus using a JSON file.
  • We added a safeguard to restrict 10 list calls per 10 minutes per API Key.


  • We’re debuting Activity-Based Badges, which will be granted to a User when they achieve a certain level of an activity. We can grant them for all sorts of activities and set them for whatever interval you want. For instance, you can now create a customer Badge for logging in 50 times, commenting on 75 Items, or approving 15 Milestones.
  • Manual Badges can be configured to expire on a specified date. For example, after training a set of new hires, an HR manager can grant HIPAA certification Badges to the trainees and set that Badge to expire exactly one year in the future. When the HIPAA Badge expires, KaiNexus will let the Users know it’s time to get recertified!
  • We now offer default Badge emails that, if enabled, send an email to a User when they have been awarded or lost a Badge. Remember, you can also customize a Badge notification email to let Users know what they’ve accomplished (or why they lost their Badge)!
  • Similarly, you can configure an in-app notification to let Users know when they’ve been awarded a Badge or have had their Badge revoked. This is a great way to highlight the awesomeness of getting a new Badge!
  • Powerful new filters allow you to display specific badges in the People section or on a People Card.
  • Badges can also account for a “Last Updated” condition, allowing Users to grant Badges based on Items last updated within the specified time frame. For example, you can set a Badge to be granted to Users if they have submitted and updated 5 improvements within the past 30 days. 
  • To make Badges even more powerful and customizable, we’ve added our Advanced Item Filter to Badge creation. This will allow you to create all sorts of Badges for the behaviors you want to encourage. For instance, you could now grant a Badge to someone who logged X amount of Time Savings documented. This will be the perfect way to highlight even the most nuanced contributions!
  • Archived, Deleted, Draft, and No Status Items will no longer be counted toward Badge requirements.
  • Only organizations with the Badges Module will have the Global Badge Administrator Role permission enabled. 
  • For Role-Based and Activity-Based Badges, we’ve added the ability for Badges to be both manually grantable and tied to Items. If enabled, Global Badge Administrators will also be able to manually grant a Role-Based or Activity-Based Badge.
  • Along every step of the way from creating to awarding a Badge, we really boosted the Badge user experience. Hey, do we get a Badge for that? 


  • Utilize that Branding Module to select custom colors for Item statuses (New, Planned, Active, Overdue, Resolution Submitted, Complete, Deferred) and the Archived state. 
  • But wait, there’s more! Utilize the Branding Module to further customize the default colors for all Graph Reports and the Impact Summary, and Impact Over Time Reports.


  • Adding a new Line/Bar Data Series to a Chart will alternate the default color in the Color field. No longer will the color-challenged chart creator have a bunch of series with the same color. What starts off as the classic KaiNexus blue will take you on a technicolor journey through red, green, yellow, and more with each added Data Series. 
  • Users can now add special characters like $ and % to the Y-Axis of a Chart. I know we are cool. 
  • In a Calculated Series, Users can specify the number of integers displayed after the decimal. For example, you can set the Calculated Series to round 1.2345678 to 1.2346 or 1.23! 
  • To better differentiate between groups of series on a Chart, Users can now edit the spacing and gap width of bars. 
  • To boost data visualization, Users can enable Charts to display numerical values on a Bar or data point of a Line.
  • When hovering over an Annotation on a Chart’s data point, the Annotation will be visible as long as your mouse is hovering over the data point.  
  • Including Chart Annotations is now optional on a Data .XLSX Export.
  • Quickly view and hide Visible Series with the “Select All” checkbox option within Chart Options and Edit Chart Card Window.


  • When building a Template with a custom layout, we can now include a field and/or attribute on multiple Detail panels. This means that updating the value of the field or attribute anywhere on the Item will update it on all other panels where that field/attribute is included. 


  • Fishbone got a facelift! Our favorite fishy friend now supports single-field editing and can be edited right from the Details panel. 
  • When linking an Item on the Fishbone diagram, the Item’s workflow icon will appear next to the link. This visual aid quickly lets you know if the linked Item is a Project, Improvement, Task, or Chart!
  • A talented performer knows when it’s time to retire from the spotlight. You can now remove a Fishbone diagram from an Item, and it will disappear from your Item with a deep bow and a round of applause. Just kidding, but there is a confirmation message!
  • If using a standard layout, you can even include your Fishbone diagram in a PDF!


  • Remind Dates will populate when working in Tree or Gantt View.
  • We added File & Link icons to the Detail View on an Item List Card and Nested Item List panel.


  • For a seamless nesting experience, if only one Parent Item is available for a new Item to be nested under, the Parent field will auto-populate. Additionally, we can configure your Template to hide that pre-populated Parent field from the Create window.
  • We added an option to hide the Location(s) field on a Template. If enabled, the Location(s) field will not be displayed on the Create window when a User creates an Item of that Template type. If that sounds like a feature you’d like to add to any of your Templates, reach out to your Customer Success Manager!


🐛 Fixed Bugs 🐛


  • We fixed a bug where setting an Item’s Due Date to 11:59 p.m. would default the due date to the next calendar day. 
  • We fixed a bug where Bowling Charts and Data Series weren’t properly deleting from Charts created before 2019.
  • Filtering for a Bar/Line Charts will now include Control Charts. You know, those wacky line Charts with the upper and lower limits. 
  • If the “Required to complete” field is added to the Details panel of a custom layout Template, you will no longer have to check “Force in Details” for it to be included on a PDF. 
  • We removed the "Escalate" option from Items in the Standard Work Group admin page.
  • Scrambled eggs are a delight, but we couldn’t necessarily speak so highly of scrambled tabs on PDFs. Now, all custom layout Template tabs will print in order on a PDF. 
  • We fixed a bug where JSON Export API exported the wrong Field Type ID.
  • We fixed a bug that occurred if a User had maximized the Create screen of a Template in the regular desktop app then the User preference of a maximized screen carried over to the Mobile App, causing some Users to get stuck on the Legal Notice page. 
  • Users with the API Admin Role are now able to edit network Locations and Roles on an API key. 
  • We fixed a bug preventing General Users with the Board Admin Role permission from editing Boards for which they were assigned to be an Editor.
  • We removed the “Copy to Board” option from a List on a Widget Card with a Financial Impact or Time Savings Impact, which had rendered the Card “undefined.”
  • Users can now save the default columns on the Nested Items Lists in Gantt View. 
  • When using Internet Explorer 11, Originating and Responsible Locations weren’t auto-populating on certain Templates. Thanks to your feedback, now they will! 
  • We fixed a bug where Gantt displayed correctly unless there was an adhoc cell that should have had a value. 
  • We fixed a bug where "Milestones" would not be included on a PDF of a custom layout Template even when “Milestones” was selected on the Print window.
  • Charts will properly show the Chart History icon in the Chart Timeline. 
  • We fixed a bug that caused attribute icons to appear in black and white when exporting Gantt View to PDF on Internet Explorer 11. 
  • When using Internet Explorer 11, exporting a Board as a PDF will now respect “Also include individual Cards.”
  • We removed searches done on the Create/Edit Fishbone panel from appearing in the quick Search History drop-down.
  • We’ll admit it, our Links had some attachment issues. We fixed a bug causing a link to appear multiple times on an Item. 
  • PDF will no longer cut off Gantt View. 
  • Gantt View columns will now be preserved by User preference. 
  • We fixed a bug where Total and Average calculations at the bottom of Item List Card were inaccurate when using a numeric field filter condition.
  • Custom Template panel names will better save translations. 
  • We fixed a bug where ID Numbers displayed on People and Location Attributes when imported via API.
  • We fixed a permission error that appeared when creating new Items via API. 
  • When creating a Login Notice, images rendering after the height was determined for the pop-up caused some images to get cut off. With this release, every glorious pixel of your Login Notice image will proudly be on display the next time you log in! 
  • We fixed a bug where saving a Network Location removed the Parent Location.
  • Resolution windows will open to a more respectable (and readable!) size.