2.x Release Notes

2.5.1 Release Notes

March 26, 2021

Release Highlights



2021 is well underway, but for some reason, it feels like we haven’t been able to quite shake off 2020. Maybe that’s why we’ve made so many Date enhancements in our latest release! Here’s what we’ve got going on in 2.5.1: 


  • Have you ever chowed down on some mackerel and thought, “Wow, these spiny fish bones look like the perfect way to identify root causes for an undesired effect?” No? Well, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa may have thought exactly that when he invented the Fishbone Diagram. To get to the meat and bones of root cause analysis, digitize your fishbone diagrams by adding them directly to Items in KaiNexus. Take advantage of our newest fishy feature by reaching out to your Customer Experience Lead! 


  • If you’re a stickler for specifics, like you really want an Item to be due at exactly 9:08 a.m. and certainly not at 9:09 a.m. on Friday, KaiNexus now caters to your minute minutiae. When working with any date fields in KaiNexus, you can now specify the time. 


  • Hover over any Field, Attribute, or Start/Due Date of an Item to reveal the View History icon. Clicking this View History icon will bring up a History window specific to that Field, Attribute, or Date, making it even easier to track specific edits within an Item. 


  • The Advanced Item Filter now has a Custom Range option for filtering dates, letting you select the specific last/next # of hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Even choose options such as Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday to visualize your latest improvement work. This powerful enhancement will allow you the flexibility to have a Card show all new improvement ideas that were submitted today between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or even set up two Cards to separate out the action items for a morning shift and evening shift. The possibilities are endless!


  • We’ve heard your requests, and we’re happy to reveal that KaiNexus now offers the ability to include SIX columns on a Board, giving you more customization and configuration options when working with Boards. 

💡 Improvements 💡


  • Users can now add six columns to a Board, and all 6 columns will Print/Save as PDF!


  • We removed the old Calendar icon from the advanced toolbar in favor of Calendar View.


  • While we would love for everyone to mosey on down to Texas and enjoy our hill country rivers, breakfast tacos, and Central Standard Time, we now offer a timezone option when uploading or downloading a Chart. This option will default to an organization’s timezone and can be set as a User preference that remembers what timezone a User chose the last time they uploaded or downloaded a Chart.


  • In the spirit of continuous improvement, we boosted Chart Edit and List performance.


  • We added two new date shortcuts when working with Date Field calendars: “Year Start” and “Year End”. Clicking Year Start will automatically choose 01/01/Current Year 12:00 AM, and clicking Year End will automatically choose 12/31/Current Year 11:59 PM.


  • If Edit Created Date or Edit Completed Date is enabled on a Template, any User with primary edit permissions on an Item of this Template Type (via Team Role or System Role) will have the ability to edit the Created Date or Completed Date. 


  • Due Date Time Frame allows you to set a minimum or maximum time frame for the Due Date based on the Item’s initial Start Date when assigning an Item. For example, you can customize your Improvement Template to have a  minimum default Due Date of 5 days after the Start Date, but a maximum Due Date of 14 days after the Item’s Start Date. 


  • We added a new option within a Template to “Show Complete Date on Resolve/Complete”.  If enabled, the Complete Date field will be included on the Resolution/Complete window. 
  •  When working with any date fields in KaiNexus, you can now specify at exactly what time you want an Item to start, be due at, etc.


  • We improved the handling of password reset and activation links. Before, the link expired as soon as you clicked on it. Now, the link will remain active until after the password reset or activation process is complete. That means if you open the email link on your phone but want to complete it on your computer instead, the link won’t time out until you’ve activated your account or reset your password!


  • All feature functionality specific to escalation is now part of a module that can be turned on or off at a customer’s request.


  • Escalations will now escalate to an Item’s set escalated Location rather than escalating to the tier above the Item’s Responsible Location. 


  • A Fishbone Diagram is a structured brainstorming tool designed to assist improvement teams in identifying potential root causes for an undesirable effect. With KaiNexus, you can easily create a fishbone diagram directly within an Item to manage all of your improvement work in one convenient location, now with added fishy flair. 


  • The Advanced Item Filter has enhancements for System Dates and Specific Date Fields. Choosing “Custom Range” offers another dropdown for “Time Frame” including Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday,  Last # of Hours/Days/Weeks/Months/Years. If choosing the Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday option, there will be a “Time” dropdown option to choose a specific time within those ranges.


  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive for User imports.


  • We’ve improved visibility into changes on an Item with Fields, Attributes, and Dates History. Use the View History icon to see a mini-timeline that shows what happened on specific Item’s Fields, Attributes, or Dates.


  • When resolving from the Create screen, the system is now smart enough to add the current User as an Author if they do not have permission to Resolve the Item based on their Role permissions or Team permissions for that Item. 


  • We promoted visibility for Files & Links attached to Items in Detail and Kanban View.


  • It wouldn’t be a KaiNexus release without more UI enhancements to the Print/Save as PDF functionality, now would it? This time, we’ve spruced up the Print/Save as PDF window to streamline the process.


  • When reopening a completed Item, the Item’s status will now default to Active or Overdue depending on the Due Date, and Users can also revert the reopened Item to a New, Planned, or Deferred status. Even though an Item will no longer display “Reopened” as its status, Users can still filter for Reopened Items. 


  • Similar to Improvements and Tasks, when choosing “Make New” on a Project or Chart, the Due Date of the Item will automatically clear out.


  • We added an option to require a reason for Reopening, Deferring, Reviewing, Planning, and Archiving/Unarchiving an Item.


  • We’re excited to announce the expanded ability to include Translated Text for everything from general text like “Save” and “Cancel” to headers like “Click to Snooze Notifications”. Translate your Dates to Danish, your Statuses to Spanish, and your Locations to Lithuanian! This feature is currently in beta.


🐛 Fixed Bugs 🐛


  • We fixed a bug where an escalation path defaulting to “One Level Above” did not escalate to any Location despite setting an escalation tier to “Respect Network Configuration.” 


  • The Escalation flag better populates with the Location to which the Item was escalated.


  • Editing a List’s column configuration to change the widths of a column will now permanently apply that new min/max width.


  • We fixed a bug where Start Dates weren’t calculated correctly when Standard Work group Items were planned and dependent on their Parent.


  • Some Items didn’t know how to calculate a planned Item’s Start Date if there was no Responsible Person/Assigner. Now, the Item is smart enough to assign the current User as the Responsible Person/Assigner when planning an Item (unless otherwise specified).


  • Copying and pasting is one of the greatest efficiencies that technology has to offer, and now it’s easier to copy and paste multiple rows of data from Excel or Google Sheets into a KaiNexus Chart.


  • When matching a Field Type by Name with the JSON Item API, the lookup will exclude inactivated Fields and only look at Fields on that Template Type.


  • Eager to be worked on, No Status Items were generating an “Assign” flag, but in the Assign window, there was no field to select a Responsible Person/Assigner. Now, the Assign window will properly allow you to select a Responsible Person/Assigner.


  • We fixed an escalation tier bug that tried to enforce the old Location, Role, or User rules after those settings had already been changed. 


  • Here at KaiNexus, we are strong supporters of creative expression especially when it comes to custom colors (have you seen our Branding Module?!), which is why Gantt View will retain its set colors when selecting Print/Save as PDF. 


  • Before, when switching from multiple Dependencies to one Dependency, the Dependency faux flag disappeared. Now that flag will fly proud no matter how many Dependencies it represents!


  • We fixed a bug where Time Savings Impact was off by an hour.


  • We fixed a bug where the Timeline showed updates to an Attribute that had previously been removed from the Template. 


  • Sometimes there was a discrepancy between the Financial Impact value seen on an Item List vs. a Widget Card, but now both should reflect the same Financial Impact value.


  • We fixed a bug in a User Participation Summary Report where the “User’s Location” filter was cleared when expanding a List. 


  • We fixed a bug where Cards in Tree View were not respecting the original Card filters when the Card was expanded. 


  • Some Items were losing their selected Due Date upon submission, making them instantly Overdue once created. The original selected Due Dates will now stick to the Item upon submission.


  • Deleting a User Attribute value will now remove it entirely from Users’ profile. 


  • We fixed the tooltips that show up when hovering over Responsible Location and Network Location.


  • We fixed a bug that caused a bad Chart request to fire when the Item work panel was opened. 


  • The caret on the dependency flag was hanging a little low, making it difficult to select since it was close to the “Plan” button. With a little encouragement, the caret is in higher spirits and more centered.


  • We fixed a bug where Financial Impact Widgets didn’t  work correctly when the Realized Date was set to "Now".


  • There’s always room for improvement! The Dependency field in the Plan window now expands to show all selected Items. 


  • Our system was so set on backing up improvement work that occasionally it saved a submitted Item as both a New Item and a draft version. 


  • We fixed a bug that occurred when specifying Responsible Locations with the Item creation API.


  • We fixed a bug where a User’s language configuration was cleared after making another edit to their profile.


  • ES indices will respect their custom index when a new organization is created. 


  • We fixed a bug that was interrupting Templates from loading when an nested Item List had Wrap Text unchecked and an ad hoc field column.


  • We fixed a bug that caused data loss for Location and User Attributes on an Item when using Bulk Change for Attributes on Templates configured with Value, Location, and User Attributes.