2.x Release Notes

2.4.7 Release Notes

August 14, 2020

Release Highlights



Complete Release Notes





Advanced ROI

  • Custom Tooltips can now be added to Target, Forecast, and Actual Impacts.



  • The Item Update API can now be used to update the Team, Dates, Locations, Status, Comments, Parent, Private, Resolution and Milestones.

  • The API now has the ability to create items in KaiNexus using a JSON file.

  • The Multi Chart Update API can now update existing Chart Dates / Categories, delete data points and add Chart Annotations.


Custom Layout



  • We’ve expanded the options available for Primary and Secondary Sort on an Item List.


  • We’ve increased restrictions on who can delete items and make them private. 

  • A confirmation message has been added when cancelling unsaved edits.

  • If you fail to complete submission when creating an item in KaiNexus, the item will auto-save as a draft for you to revisit later.



  • Dictation on the Mobile App has been restored.

  • Video file attachments are now supported.

  • UI has been improved for simplicity.

  • This version of the app will require ios11 or greater







  • Custom Tooltips can now be added to the Minor, Moderate, and Significant Impact options. 




  • A bug was fixed that caused a board to load improperly when accessed through a specific link.

  • Users with the correct permission can now delete Level Types.

  • A bug was fixed that caused an error with the Account Summary Export.

  • The “+” button will appear regardless of whether Participants can add new nested templates.

  • Items submitted from the Mobile App will now be tracked as Mobile submissions.

  • Dictation works more smoothly in the Mobile app.

  • “Copy Of” is no longer added to Widget Cards when copying a Board.

  • A bug was fixed that did not copy over Card filters when copying a Board.

  • A bug was fixed that did not allow users to remove the Review Flag if they reviewed the items twice with the same “Reviewed On” date.

  • A bug was fixed that showed Financial Impact values on the XLSX export differently on separate sheets.

  • Users can now remove “Filter Children” filter from tree view “View Options”.

  • A bug was fixed that treated empty Controlling Attributes with a default value as though the default value was still there.

  • Attribute Notes can now be updated using the Item Update API.

  • A bug was fixed that showed some Attribute values as “None” on a PDF export.

  • The “Is Not Any Of” filter in the template builder’s nested item list’s filter.

  • The “Anticipated Start Date” and “Anticipated Due Date” columns will no longer be included on a Custom Layout list panel by default.

  • The shared series field is now required when editing a shared series Chart. 

  • The User ID number will now appear in a People List XLSX export.