2.x Release Notes

2.4.5 Release Notes

May 15, 2020

Release Highlights



Complete Release Notes




  • Clicking or tabbing into dropdown fields will open the field dropdown in the Create/Edit menus of the Network, the User Profile, Languages, Weighted Scores, and Roles.

  • ‘Description’ was added as a column option in the Admin area for Roles and Attributes.

  • Board names will now show instead of ID in Areas Referenced for Network & Roles.

  • The KaiNexus login screen image can now be used as the home button.



  • The JSON API can now be used to update the Title, Fields, and Attributes on existing Items in KaiNexus.




  • Charts with many data points will now load quicker.



  • The cursor will now be placed in the first field in windows accessible from within an Item.


  • Bulk Change can now be utilized from Tree View.

  • Users can now Bulk Change ‘Responsible’ & Bulk Change ‘Plan’ when working with all Item Lists.

  • Users can now remove the existing Parent when Bulk Changing ‘Parent’.

  • “Upstream Dependency” and “Downstream Dependency” columns are now available on exports to PDFs.

  • “Upstream Dependency” and “Downstream Dependency” columns are now linked directly to the Item.



  • Persona was added to the User Profile window.

  • Persona is now available on import/export via XLSX.







  • Changing an Attribute Value that triggers another Attribute Value will update the new Attribute Value even when the value isn’t Locked.

  • Default Team Role Email Notifications can now be disabled on a per Template basis.

  • The option to remove “Choose Existing” has been added to Templates when users are adding Nested Items.

  • More options have been added to the Default Status & Hide Status & Team options on a Template.

  • The option to hide ‘Transfer’ and ‘Escalate’ on a Template was added.

  • Summary Field Name now has the same advanced options as a Text Field such as regular expression, placeholder text, and minimum and maximum character length.




  • A bug was fixed that did not send an email notification when a user's password was due to expire.

  • A bug has been fixed that returned 0 results when using the ‘Current User/Location’ and ‘is all of’ filter.

  • The ‘Impact by Attribute’ Report will now respect the ‘Only Complete’ option.

  • The ‘Responsible’ field will longer be listed as ‘Required’ on the Plan (Decide Later) in an Improvement.

  • The Due Date field will no longer appear red on the Plan (Decide Later) in an Improvement.

  • A line’s ‘Fill’ setting will now be carried over when the Chart is copied.

  • The ‘New Link’ window will no longer briefly show incorrect fields.

  • Number Fields will now respect formatting on the template work panel.

  • A bug was fixed that caused hidden fields/attributes to reset when data was entered into an Adhoc Field.

  • A bug was fixed that caused Custom Templates to appear differently on different computers.

  • A bug was fixed that did not display data series correctly from an Item List Card when filtering a Board by Location.

  • The sort column of the date option on Charts will now work correctly. 

  • A bug was fixed that prevented users from exporting to excel from a Card.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented users from exporting the Account Summary.

  • The dividing line in the Locations area of an Improvement was removed.

  • Exporting a list of nested Improvements will no longer export the Parent items.

  • Filtering a due date will now turn the filter icon blue.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented the Print/PDF Functionality from scaling properly.

  • Excel exports will now work correctly with the ‘Submitter’ and ‘Complete Date’ fields.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented Excel exports from working properly when Weighted Scores were included in the ‘Include Current Columns’ option.